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Absolute Holographic Security Hologram Image Register Hologram image registration is double security to prevent replica image of hologram. The IHMA has been working with the Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau (CIB) to update and improve the Hologram Image Register (HIR). For its 21 years it has enabled IHMA members to register their hologram images, so that other producers or intermediaries can check against the Register that they are not reproducing an existing hologram when they make a new design. The HIR is also available to law enforcement agencies to check for the provenance of a design when they need information on a suspect hologram. The HIR has helped to prevent numerous attempts to source copy holograms, and has also helped to confirm that a suspect hologram was, indeed, a fake, which in turn has led to arrests and prosecution of the counterfeiters. HIR Updates The HIR system has been updated to make it easier for IHMA members to enter the information about each hologram that is held on the Register, to check the status of new registrations and to see and review all their registered holograms. All this will be implemented while maintaining the absolute security of the system (the database itself will be isolated from the internet) and the confidentiality of information stored. Only the registering company and the CIB (which is part of the Commercial Crime Services division of the International Chamber of Commerce) will have access to each record – it will continue to not be viewable by any IHMA member or officer. Further details – e-mal –

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