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KiranHolographics Anti Pi
KiranHolographics Anti Pigeon Roosting Iridescent Bird Scare Ribbon Tape Length 90 feet Width 2 inch Set Holographic Reflective bird scare tape developed from special Holographic reflective patterns is best suitable for Bird control used anywhere. The Holographic Bird tape flashes blinding light and make noise and emit crackling sound. It is non-sticky and just like ribbon. Kiranholographics is manufacturing bird scare tape with the enhancement of holographic reflecting patterns. It is very easy to install and very effective way to repel birds. The holographic bird tape flashes blinding light and makes a noise when it flaps in the wind. Its multi-sensory attack scares birds away from the treated area. This products has been used effectively for years in farms, vineyards & other agricultural applications. Holographic bird tape scares the pest birds away without hurting them, chemical free soundless solution. Visually & audibly scaring the pest bird scare tape in the wind with crackle noise Protects your crops from birds as it flashes dramatically in the sunlight Scare tape is organic, pesticide free, harmless to birds, other pests, your crops and the people who eat them Humane and Environmentally friendly way to scare away pests WARNING Only put the tape out at first bud and remove after harvest. If you leave the tape in place for too long it will no longer deter the birds.
Hologram Manufacturer in
Hologram Manufacturer in Hyderabad Welcome to Kiranholographics at Jaipur in Rajasthan is one of the leading manufacturer & exporter in India of Lasercrafts articles and into trading of high-quality Holograms and all holographic security solutions. We deal in holographic solutions such as Holographic Projection Technology, Holostage, Holographic Films, Shrink sleeved, Barcode labels, Hot-stamping foils etc. Kiranholographics is providing services globally to customers since 2002 and using latest technology in master origination at economical prices, High quality Material and quick delivery to customers is our primary goal. 3D Holograms are three dimensional photographic images that appear to have depth. They're superimposition of two-dimensional surfaces that show absolutely precise, three-dimensional images of real objects. When soaked in light, the hologram gives different view of the image from different angles. Hologram is printed onto a set of ultra-thin curved silver plates, which are made to diffract light. When the beam hits the silver plate, the reflections diffract into each specific color, creating two offset images made up of combination of colors that reflect the image of original object. This results in formation of 3D images that are known as Holograms. It basically comprises of interference patterns between the two images. We are offering a wide range of Holographic stickers that are available in different colors, shapes and sizes as per the clients specifications. Our experts made these Holographic stickers in compliance with the industries set standard using superior quality raw material. Manufacturer of Holograms, Holographic Films, Holographic Strips, Holographic Shrink Sleeves, Holographic Wads, Holographic Hot Stamping Foils, Holographic Integrated Labels, Hologram Labels, Holographic Thermal Films, Holographic Metallized Films, Tamper Evident Holograms, Tamper Proof Seals, Hologram Stickers, Holographic Stickers, Decorative Holographic Films, Metallized Holographic Films, Multiple Cut Holograms, Holographic Label, Holographic Seals, Security Seals, Hologram Shrink Sleeves, Hologram Stamping Foils.
How Hologram Sticker Prin
How Hologram Sticker Printing Is Processed ?? For Hologram Stickers Printing we have to process Master Plate That is made by Using a single laser beam. The beam is then split into two beams by a special lens. That way, you get two laser beams that are exactly the same. One of those beams is the "reference beam" and is shone directly onto the film. Hologram Printing suppliers in Mumbai, Hologram Master Process Lab in India is having sophisticated technology with all equipments. Hologram Printing in India is done by complicated process this is completely different process not just like four colour printing. Holographic printing cannot be done on ordinary paper. In order to facilitate the process, the paper or other printing surface must be coated with a layer of metal (usually aluminium or steel) or reflective plastic. The hologram is embossed into the shiny metal or plastic, forming a complicated, extremely detailed, pixelated image in relief. When viewed under a microscope, the metal or plastic surface seems to have hills, gullies, ridges, and valleys. These irregularities produce the 3-D effect by scattering reflected light and diffracting it into its constituent color wavelengths. The reflected waves interfere with each other in such a way as to give a vivid, realistic 3-D portrayal of perspective and parallax. Small holographic prints, such as those found on identification documents and credit cards, can be produced at moderate cost. Cost of Hologram Sticker Minimum : Master Plate Cost- 12000 Rs and Hologram Printing @ 6.0 Rs/sheet. Hologram Printing Process is done into steps – Master Plate Origination, Embossing of Polyster Flim (36 micron), Lamination is done on wax coated Paper then cutting with laser die, Sorting of of hologram which have not proper printing.3 D hologram sticker printing in jaipur. Kiranholographics Manufacturer all kind of Holographic Product and supplier od speciality flims, Security Holograms, Security Hologram, Holographic Hot Stamping Foils, Scratch Hologram, Scratch Holograms, Holographic Aluminium Foils, Holographic Wads, Holographic Wad, Holographic Strip, Holographic Pouch, Holographic Shrink Sleeve, Holographic Strips, Holographic Shrink Sleeves, Holographic Hot Stamping Foil, high security hologram, Color Hologram, Holographic Wide Web Film, Holographic Tear Tape, Holographic Lablel, Text Tempered Holographic Seals, Holographic Aluminium Foil, hot stamp foil , hologram paper, 3 d hologram, holographic films, holographic labels , hologram label, holographic printing, holographic label, custom hologram, shrink film machine, pvc shrink films, hot stamping foils , hologram seal, hologram security stickers , void label, shrink sleeve label, Speciality Holographic Flim Manufacturer.Hologram sticker Printing.
M/s Kiranholographics Man
M/s Kiranholographics Manufacturer and exporter of Transparent Holographic Overlay Id Pouches and Rolls. These holographics Id overlays can be customized with any company logo gives two and three dimensional images on card. This can be done by various ways for small qty we offers General pattern Holographic ID overlays in Sticker form that can be easily affix on paper and plastic cards. Another ways is to transfer through Holographic printer. We supply 23 micron transparent holographic flim for printer by which any can uses thousands of holographic patterns on card.
CUSTOM HOLOGRAPHIC FLIMS Kiranholographics, Jaipur (India) Providing High Quality Custom Holographic Flim and solutions upto the International Standards which safes and fulifil security demands of the future.Our Holographic flims and Foils are embedded with sophisticated features which is highly effective visual means of combating frauds. Our foils are suitable for paper, Plastic, PVC Cards etc.Our Products we manufacture are llike – Optical security soloution Fresnel Lenses, customized Holographic Flim, Holographic Paper, Holographic Tape, Holographic Transparent HRI Flim, Hot-stamping Foil and Security Hologram Stickers etc. Hot Stamping Foil (metallic and HRI) Our SH grade hot stamping foil is available in custom holographic film patterns for avoiding duplicacy and fraud of branded product and documents. This can be supplied in metallic and Transparent (HRI coated) holography finish for patch and strip hologram applications. This grade of foil can be used in high security hot stamping application like passports, visas, ID cards , Credit and debit cards, government documents, bank cheque, demand drafts, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, cartons etc. Hologram Scratch Foil We are the pioneers of hologram scratch foils in India. Our hologram scratch foil is available in different general hologram patterns and customized holography for different types of cards which need the information to be hidden in a more secure manner. HRI Films (for lamination, patch and strip applications) Our customized HRI films (Transparent holography) is specially developed for carton industry by which they can laminate the transparent customized holographic patterns to the printed boards/carton to minimize the risk duplication of boxes and cartons in the industry. Our HRI film is having very good overprint ability. After customization of holography clients can print by offset, flexo and rotogravure methods. Our Customzsed HRI Films is also available for hot stamping strip and patch hologram applications. Holographic Paper As the world is looking for eco-friendly products, we have developed customized holographic paper which is biodegradable in nature and can help to erase the duplicate from the market. Paper holograms are the future of Hologram industry and we are on the efforts to give customers something different, unique and cost effective through our customized holographic paper solutions.