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KiranHolographics Anti Pi
KiranHolographics Anti Pigeon Roosting Iridescent Bird Scare Ribbon Tape Length 90 feet Width 2 inch Set Holographic Reflective bird scare tape developed from special Holographic reflective patterns is best suitable for Bird control used anywhere. The Holographic Bird tape flashes blinding light and make noise and emit crackling sound. It is non-sticky and just like ribbon. Kiranholographics is manufacturing bird scare tape with the enhancement of holographic reflecting patterns. It is very easy to install and very effective way to repel birds. The holographic bird tape flashes blinding light and makes a noise when it flaps in the wind. Its multi-sensory attack scares birds away from the treated area. This products has been used effectively for years in farms, vineyards & other agricultural applications. Holographic bird tape scares the pest birds away without hurting them, chemical free soundless solution. Visually & audibly scaring the pest bird scare tape in the wind with crackle noise Protects your crops from birds as it flashes dramatically in the sunlight Scare tape is organic, pesticide free, harmless to birds, other pests, your crops and the people who eat them Humane and Environmentally friendly way to scare away pests WARNING Only put the tape out at first bud and remove after harvest. If you leave the tape in place for too long it will no longer deter the birds.
Kiranholographics is manu
Kiranholographics is manufacturer of Holographic Bird Scare Tape it is a highly innovative and successful product. Bird scare is an effective bird deterrent made of polyester films, which limits a penetrating vibration that birds won't go near. It is safe, simple, durable and easy to use. Just stretch it between two stakes and it will start to emit the vibration. It not only deters birds, but also rabbits and other pests. Bird scare is harmless to crops, birds and animals. It will protect all types of vegetable and fruit crops and is also ideal for protecting newly-sown. Instantly Repels Birds & Daytime Predators From Gardens, Docks, Boats GUARANTEED - No Need For Netting, Spikes or Scarecrow - Highly Effective Deterrent, Easy Installation, No Maintenance Required
 Security Void tapes manu
Security Void tapes manufacturers in India, Tamper proof security Void Tape Security Void tapes is excellent solution to sealing or packing container while packing industrial products. These adhesive tapes provide protection against unauthorized access to product. M/skiranholographics leading Hologram stickers and allied products from decades in india.Tis tape is designed from the finest grade materials and advance techniques, In order to Improvise the tamper proofing. Security Void tape is best because it is tamper evident once it is remove from products it leaves impression VOID-VOID on product surface itself.Perfect solution tamper Security void tape BOPP is available in different colours and cannot be re-use again on another product. For more details:
Foam tec Holographic tapewhich will destruct into small pcs.Kiranholographics developed this tape for Electronic components.Hologram Security Tape /hologram security seal provides tamper proof protection at the high security level. It offers you a High level of protection for Packaging , envelope, box and cartons etc. The tamper evident pattern released hologram tape seals are specially developed for induction sealing to envelope, box, bag, cartons, etc. When the pattern released seal is opened, it'll leave word such as fully distractive peal off style and Special pattern ready made (Void , Open etc) Hologram security tapes can be any design can customized for use in any type of security application (government, military, industrial, commercial). They indicate "tamper evidence" or show that the product or package has been opened or tampered with. Hologram Tapes (hologram security seals) offer an effective combination of security and attractive appearance. The customizable, Hidden text which just can be read by laser reader can be used for both anti-counterfeiting and brand protection. Hologram tape(hologrm seal) has customized designed holographic images which change color, intensity and perspective with the viewing angle. Holographic images can include high resolution dot matrix in combination with 2D/3D three dimensional holography. dot-matrix effect will have very strong movement effect of hologram grading. 2D/3D hologram has very good depth of hologram image. Hidden text just can be read by laser reader. Micro text is close visual inspection clearly by by magnifier.
Kiranholographics jaipur coming up with new security features in holographic labels with variable QR code. Holograms manufatures of india, holographic tape etc is our primary products.