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What is security Holograms?


As we see Hologram sticker on Currencies,Pan card,Driving license and Passport or Visa etc this shows holograms are authentic and reliable to use as govt. Use on property documents. Question is why is not copied because holographic technology works on laser light specialized technologies and advance equipments for Master Hologram. Now Hologram master is Image of companies logo in which Background of Hologram is made of High security Nano and Micro text and converted Images. No one can copy True colour Hologram image of company or MD of company which was of his earlier age when he had started his business. The true colour image of Hologram cannot be copied because Hologram cannot be Scanned. Images are stacked that each of the images are alternatively visible depending on the angle of perspective of the viewer.

Holograms are attractive,colourful,Tamper-evident if some one try to reuse it is not possible. Now every industries in india and across globe using hologram for classify his brand in market and protect from counterfeiters.


Benefits of Holograms on Uasage on Products and Protected documents.



Various Process are used to Produce Holograms.

1)    Master Plate of Hologram is Made using special optical instruments and Laser Light at different frequencies.

2)    Pre-Printing process is done in two ways – Electroforming or recombination of Master Hologram Image.

3)    Embossing – an impression or Master Image replica is embossed on Holographic Polyester Flim colour of Holographic Flim choosed by Customers

Silver/Golden/Blue/Copper/red Holographic flim etc.


        4)Lamination of Holographic Polyester Flim with Glue Hot-met and Water Base with Wax coated Paper.

5) Die-cutting Process – We cut Holograms with Laser die-cutting Machine as shape choose by customers.

6) Sorting of Holograms – Our quality manager check the printing and cutting of Holograms as well as glue then remove less printed or defective Holograms

And pack in 100 sheet packets ready to dispatch.



Our Skilled and qualified experts are trained and experience of Production min 10-12 years,We use latest Ultra Mordern technology Machines in our Hologram Plant best meet out International standards. Our customers trusts us from Last 15 years in this industries. Government and many industries across globe without any fear of duplication by counterfeiters in Market. Our Security Holograms possess High resolution with perfect Printing and rates are very pocket friendly.



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