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E-beam Holograms developed by technology of the formation of micro relief originally developed for microelectronics.Electron Beam technology differ fundamentally from optical technologies because it uses electron beam, which can be very accurately focused with electromagnetic lenses.

This e-beam technology can even achieve a resolution of 10 nm (0.01 micron).

We can obtain e-beam holograms for Government of Rajasthan with special feature such as : High-resolution line patterns,Switch effect,Kinematic images,Concealed images,True color images,Micro-texts (25-150 micron),Nano-texts (~ 5 micron),CLR images (including dynamic and multilevel) to be controlled by special laser device,Images recorded by special shape pixels.

Kiranholographics produce special forensic cryptograms—hidden diffraction images which can be identified only specialized Optical laboratories.

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