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E-beam technology makes it possible to create originals of computer-synthesized holograms with high level of protection. The holograms include elements that cannot be manufactured using other optical technologies. This kind of technology allows the creation of holograms with a resolution in nanometers (254 000-500 000 dpi) - This is the latest development in the hologram origination techniques, and allows very high resolution for nano features and very sharp imagery. - Colour control and animated hidden images are only some of the new features that this technique has introduced. - Security ratings for this are medium to high, depending on the complexity of the features proposed. - E-Beam Hologram -this-is-the-latest-development-in-the-hologram-origination-techniques,-and-allows-very-high-resolution-for-nano-features-and-very-sharp-imagery. -colour-control-and-animated-hidden-images-are-only-some-of-the-new-features-that-this-technique-has-introduced. -security-ratings-for-this-are-medium-to-high,-depending-on-the-complexity-of-the-features-proposed. -e-beam-hologram
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