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World’s Best 3D Security Holograms, Paper Labels and Hologram Sticker Manufacturers in India, High Security Holographic Products, Track N Trace Holograms,3D QR Codes and all anti-counterfeiting products & Solutions.


Welcome to Kiranholographics at Jaipur in Rajasthan is one of the leading manufacturer & exporter in India of Lasercrafts articles and into trading of high-quality Holograms and all holographic security solutions. We deal in holographic solutions such as Holographic Projection Technology, Holostage, Holographic Films, Shrink sleeved, Barcode labels, Hot-stamping foils etc. Kiranholographics is providing services globally to customers since 2002 and using latest technology in master origination at economical prices, High quality Material and quick delivery to customers is our primary goal.


Scratch Hologram Labels
Scratch Hologram Labels INR 2 INR 0.2 Scratch Holographic Labels are use to hide Pre-printed Information on cards or security documents. It is basically use to promote business in the form of giving gifts.these holograms are designed using high quality materials and print techniques. This hologram helps out in maintaining the data electronically by varying the spacing and width of parallel lines.These are versatile in nature and easily find them on lot of products ( Pin code on mobile recharge cards) we are exporter of Hologram stickers worldwide. True 1493636244
Hologram With Barcode & QR Code
Hologram With Barcode & QR Code INR 0 INR 0 HOLOGRAM WITH BARCODE Kiranholographics, Hologram supplier and exporter in India developed Hologram with BAR CODE print on it. It is Highly recommended by customers across the Globe because of its unique identity to product.We use Special and latest printing techniques of printing barcode on Hologram with variable data.Benefit of HOLOGRAM WITH BARCODE is it is helpful in billing process in large retail stores and maintain security from duplicity of brand of product. Features: Strong adhesion Barcode embossing is visible from a specific angle Protection against counterfeit No duplicity Applications: Pharmaceutical products Electronic appliances Food items Auto Spare Parts True 1515663444
Dot-matrix Hologram
Dot-matrix Hologram INR 0 INR 0 Dot-matrix hologram has greater design flexibility then traditional forms of holography. Dot-matrix hologram consist of tiny dots or holopixels oriented at different angles and arranged in two dimensional array.Dot-matrix holograms are high brightness and resolution upto 3000 dots per Inches when white light falls on these holopixels it breaks up into spectrum of colours and redirect light at various angles and form a kinetic effect image. Dot-matrix hologram can be in corporate with hidden laser readable text, Holographic water marks, micro text ( as small as 12 micron in height) etc and many more security features. True 1492416209
Kinemax -Master Holograms
Kinemax -Master Holograms INR 0 INR 0 Kinemax hologram is latest hologram technology in which hologram image can be obtained with broad range of holographic effects such as Litographic mode (Low and mixed frequencies “White” holograms), Fresnel Lenses with any curvature,Fresnel prisims, 3D white embossed objects , Asymetric hidden images,convert laser images.Special feature is Embossed Metal effect with 256 angles x 256 color kinetic hologram. Water mark effect is possible with this system of master development Kinemax. Kiranholographics leading exporter and manufacture of security holograms in india can provide more high secure features with this technology. True 1492427796
Holographic Pouches
Holographic Pouches INR 0 INR 0 Holographic Pouches are patterned by making use of embossing of holographic pattern on Transparent HRI flim then we coat with glue typically 4/6 (40% flim/60% Hot-melt adhesive ) which is suitable for lamination on simple machine. Customized holographic pouches is available to achieve holographic security. It can be used on credit cards,Military Id cards and Luggage Tags etc. True 1492855652
Hologram Hot-stamping Foils
Hologram Hot-stamping Foils INR 0 INR 0 Hologram Hot-Stamping Foil -----Hot-Stamping Foil is basically a Mulitilayer PET films with high resolution holographic Pattern or registered Hologram Image with thickness of 15-25 micron Polyster coated with special wax release Layer. This can be applied to Variety of Materials such as paper, Synthetic Leather,Plastic cards by Means of Heat and pressure. The Host surface can be Paper,Leather etc once applied cannot be removed ot transferred. We metalized the material by vacuum deposition of aluminum layer to make it scratch resisitant. There three categories by which Security hot-stamping foil appled:-- a) Registered Hologram Image with sensor Mark ---It has prominent Visual appeal to when incorporated to Product cost effective and not easy to remove once applied.We Put Single sensor on this High security hot-stamping foils to ease in its application by High speed automatic Stamping. It has particular Holographic Pattern. a) Un-Registered Hologram Image with sensor Mark:- It Has No Particular Holographic pattern or Holoimage . Can be be stamp easily due to its running pattern images.In this process waste will be less. b) Registered Hologram Image with Both side sensor marks :- This solution is customized for different machine setups to make application easy and to speed the accuracy in operations. This film rolls has multi sensors around image for detection. True 1493035387
Lithogram INR 0 INR 0 : Lithogram is a very high secure Security feature Developed by Lithography technology in which hologram is recorded through Laser beam upto resolution of 120000 DPI. The holographic Image cosists of a Spectrum of Colours, a Lithography area or an Image is absolutely colorless from all angles. Now holographers can give metallic effects. It is latest feature which is absolutely Impossible to counterfeit. True 1493198165
Master Origination
Master Origination INR 0 INR 0 Kind of Hologram Master Plates : How we Do Hologram Image Origination: The core scientific Principle being that Beams of Light can be split up and when passes through lenses at different angles produces an interference Pattern which got registered as image on glass plate . Hologram master Origination is a Piece of Nickel mold which plays security key in hologram manufacturing. Which helps in defending counterfeiting of fake products. Kiranholographics originate master plates from latest Technology machines such as --- Dot-matrix master Origination , Kinemax etc. We provide combination of different security features like Micro text,Nano Text, Guilloche Lines, CLR Image,Kinetic effects, Animated Concelaed laser readable text, Lens effects , Raster effect etc. 1) 2D/3D – Hologram Master Plate: 2D/3D Hologram master Image is developed by laser Optical recording in which two interference beams intersect together and form colouful image with 3D depth. 2) Dot-matrix Hologram Master Plate: Dot-matrix Hologram image origination allows unlimited computer control by using high tech designing softwares and laser beam tiny millions of grating dots at different viewing angles are accurately recorded results a high resolution hologram image very eye catching and reflecting white light at all angles. 3) True Color Hologram: True Color Hologram Master Image id formed by Photographic quality Portrait or any image with black and white colors artwork. This is very Unique feature if counterfeiter cannot get original portrait, they won’t be able to duplicate similar hologram close to original one. 4) E-Beam Hologram : Exactly the e-beam technology of hologram origination is used in products as security applications. This technique is to provide high resolution for nano features and vivid and sharp images. By using E-beam hologram technique, we can also add color control and animated hidden text and images to make it more authentic. Our E-beam Holograms incorporate security elements that cannot be manufactured using other technologies. E-beam technology creates originals of computer-synthesized e-beam holograms with high level of protection parameters. 5) Flip-Flop Hologram: In flip-Flop Master generates feature to display two or more images from different angles.The viewing angle changes Horizontally (left to Right) or vertically (upside and down) different images evolve through hologram label. True 1493364022
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